DiffMerge for PCPreviously was build software named DiffMerge app for Windows. Deze software is ook compatibel voor Windows 10 en Windows 11 Besturingssysteem.

Download DiffMerge for Windows

It’s better to recognise the app’s technological information as well as to have an understanding history about the app. For that reason, you can find out if DiffMerge will service your Windows tool or otherwise.

Applicatie naamDiffMerge App
CategorieNutsvoorzieningen & Hulpmiddelen
OntwikkelaarZhangMu Wu
VersieLaatste versie

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DiffMerge Features

√ DiffMerge is absolutely Free & Veilige download!
√ DiffMerge Latest Version!
√ Werkt met alle Windows-versies
√ Gebruikers keuze!

DiffMerge Review

DiffMerge is an advanced folder comparison and synchronization, file comparison and merging utility for windows. Take control of your source code, web pages and other files with DiffMerge.

Use it to compare, understand and combine different file versions. DiffMerge ishighly useful for software developers, web designers and other professionals.

The tight integrationbetween folder and file comparison makes it easy to identify and review every change in every source file, even when comparing source hierarchies containing thousands of files.

Whether you are working with multiple revisions of files or need to keep multiple folder hierarchies in sync, DiffMerge could help save time and reduce errors by helping you to work quickly and accurately.

Compare and Synchronize Folders DiffMerge supports folder hierarchy comparison and synchronization, enabling you to compare and merge entire directory trees.

This is ideal for detecting changes in different versions of source code or web pages. You can even use the efficient byte-by-byte comparison option to check the integrity of recordable CDs.

Compare and Merge Files DiffMerge enables you to compare and work with different revisions of text files, such as program source code, XML and HTML files.

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It supportsASCII, MBCS and Unicode. A color-coded side-by-side comparison makes it easy to pinpoint at a glance similarities and differences between files.

DiffMerge shows detailed highlights of changes within lines. It can be configured to ignore differences in whitespace, comments, line endings and character case, as well as changes in lines matching specified regular expressions.

The latter is useful for ignoring unimportant changes such as timestamps or expanded version control keywords. The in-place editor with unlimited undo enables complete control over the merged file as you create it.

DiffMerge will automatically recompare documents after every change done. Generate and Print Reports You can create comparison reports in HTML format with support for syntax highlighting.


DiffMerge is a product developed by ZhangMu Wu. This site is not directly affiliated with ZhangMu Wu. Alle handelsmerken, geregistreerde handelsmerken, productnamen en bedrijfsnamen of logo's die hierin worden genoemd, zijn eigendom van hun respectievelijke eigenaren.


Install DiffMerge on Windows 10 & 11

Houd er rekening mee dat: je zou moeten Download DiffMerge app alleen van vertrouwde uitgevers en retailwebsites.

  • Ten eerste:, open je favoriete webbrowser, maar geen Internet Explorer bedoelen we hahaha.
  • Ja, you can use Brave Browser or any other browser
  • Then download the DiffMerge installation file from the trusted link like on above of this page
  • Selecteer Opslaan of Opslaan als om het programma te downloaden. De meeste antivirusprogramma's zoals Avira scannen het programma tijdens het downloaden op virussen.
  • Als u selecteert: Opslaan, het programmabestand wordt opgeslagen in uw map Downloads.
  • Of, als je selecteert Opslaan als, u kunt kiezen waar u het wilt opslaan, vind je bureaublad leuk.
  • After the downloading DiffMerge completed, klik tweemaal op het .exe-bestand om het installatieproces uit te voeren
  • Volg daarna de Windows-installatie-instructies die verschijnen totdat u klaar bent
  • nutsvoorzieningen, the DiffMerge icon will appear on your Desktop
  • Klik twee keer op het pictogram om de applicatie in uw Windows te draaien 10 pc.
  • Geniet van de app!
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Uninstall DiffMerge App

  • Beweeg uw muis naar de taakbalk onder aan uw Windows-bureaublad
  • Klik vervolgens op de “Begin” knop / Windows-logo
  • Kies de “Controlepaneel” keuze
  • Klik op het pictogram Programma's toevoegen of verwijderen.
  • Selecteer “DiffMerge” van apps die worden weergegeven, dan klikken “Verwijderen/Verwijderen.”
  • Voltooi het verwijderingsproces door op te klikken “JA” knop.
  • Afgerond!
  • nutsvoorzieningen, your Windows operating system is clean from DiffMerge app.

DiffMerge FAQ

Q: What is DiffMerge app?
EEN: If you wanna knowing more about this app please visit the DiffMerge Official Site on above

Q: Is DiffMerge Free? How much does it cost to download ?
EEN: Helemaal niets! Download this app from official sites for free by this Portal Website. Any additional information about license you are able to found on owners websites.

Q: How do I access the free DiffMerge download for Windows PC?
EEN: Het is simpel! Just click the free DiffMerge download button at the above of this article. Clicking this hyperlink will begin the installer to download DiffMerge totally free for Laptop.

Q: Is this DiffMerge will function normally on any Windows?
EEN: Ja! The DiffMerge for Laptop will functions normally on most present Windows OS.

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